Acquiring microtremor data is standard practice today and often many recordings relating to the same area are available. Seismic microtremor provides a lot of information about the geometries and mechanical properties of soils.

HeeVee is MoHo’s software that brings order to your microtremor acquisitions and allows you to map seismic reflectors in the subsoil. Give meaning to your H/Vs: Contour them with HeeVee!


What is it?

HeeVee is the software that brings order to your microtremor acquisitions: H/V in 1D cases; H and V in 2D cases.

HeeVee localizes the acquisitions, transforms them from the frequency domain to the depth domain using optimized functions on the available data, and creates contours between spatially distributed data, thus allowing you to map seismic reflectors in depth. HeeVee also proposes different solutions to improve the visibility of reflectors.

Seismic wave velocity profiles can also be interpolated and contoured with HeeVee.

What is it meant for?

HeeVee works on data from H/V spectral ratios or single microtremor spectra acquired with Tromino® or other seismometers and processed with Grilla to ensure proper statistical treatment. Transforming the data from the frequency domain to the depth domain requires one or more estimates of the Vs profile. HeeVee will optimize the conversion function based on the available data.

HeeVee performs a graphic interpolation between the different data acquired in the space, which results in a map where the trend of the seismic reflectors can be read, with several different options to improve the visual continuity of the reflectors themselves.

When H/V curves are not enough, because you are dealing with proper body  wave resonances (2D case), HeeVee implements the procedures described in Resonance versus Shape of Sedimentary Basins | Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America | GeoScienceWorld to determine, from longitudinal and transverse modes of vibration, the maximum reflector depths and equivalent velocities of the cover layers.

HeeVee also generates contours of Vs profiles.

HeeVee brings order to your H/Vs!


For a free trial of the software, email us at info@moho.world.