News from MoHo’s world…

January 2021

Courses in English soon available

Since 2007 we have been providing on site and on-line courses on modern geophysical techniques, vibration analysis and their applications to civil engineering to the Italian professionals (

We are now planning to provide some of these course on-line, also in English.

We will start with the new interpretation approaches of the H/V method. Then we will focus on the dynamic characterization of structures.

The planning of the English courses will be available soon.

March 2020

New Suricat

New Suricat. The new Suricat represents a new approach to the vibrational and seismic monitoring of structures and soils. The new connecting tools, from PC, smarthphone and net, allows you to access its data from any site. Monitoring velocities and accelerations of your structures or soils has never been so easy. See some examples here.

December 2019

Two new exclusive partners for 2020!

We are proud to announce that we will work with two new partners for 2020:

  • Orange Lamp is now our new exclusive representative for the Chinese market,
  • Wings Technology Enterprise is our first exclusive representative for the Philippines.


September 2019

MoHo is at the AEGC 2019 in Perth!

We will be present at the Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC) – Data to Discovery – to be held 2 – 5 September 2019 in Perth. Come and see us at out partner Resource Potential‘s booth.

July 2019

The new Tromino® Blu App!

Now available on the Google Play Store! The new Tromino® Blu* application to run and manage your blue Tromino® from any mobile device! It accepts also vocal commands.

Please note that it applies only to the new Tromino® Blu series.


* Blu, rather than blue, as in Italian.

May 2019

2D and 3D bedrock mapping

The H/V technique (calibrated through independent geophysical and geological data) is increasingly used to reconstruct the bedrock profile under the cover sedimentary layers. A large number of 3D applications already exists in mining areas, as well as for seismic microzoning, hydrological studies and for the construction of infracstructures. We are honored  to see that our instruments have extensively been used in the studies aimed at the reconstruction of the Genova bridge (Viadotto Polcevera di Genova). Can this bridge mark the memory and the future of the town and sustain the culture of maintenance of any engineering construction.

February 2019
Moho srl (Venice, Italy)

Tromino®: the reactive tromograph

The new generation of Tromino® is blue but the real innovation is not (only) in the color. It lays in the increased sensitivity, vocal commands, wireless transmission capabilities and more.

November 2018

Workshops in Santiago (Chile): Identificación de parámetros de suelo

From November 4th to November 12th 2018 MoHo will be in Chile, at the Universidad Andrés Bello,  at the IDIEM Universidad de Chile and at some private companies, for some workshops and trainings on the single station and multichannel seismic techniques dedicated to the dynamic characterization of soils and structures in seismic prone areas  and beyond.



16 Oct. 2018
Moho srl (Venice, Italy)

Tromino, the reactive tromograph

Have you ever talked to your Tromino®? Not yet? Well, this is now possible and it is not only leisure: this makes a number of operations much easier. We are working on the new talkative Tromino® which will be available shortly.

New routines to receive alarms from Suricat are also on the way. To see Suricat in pills, click here. To see Suricat at work, click here.

We are also working on new simple ways for transmitting/receiving data/alarms remotely from Suricat and Tromino®.

Come back and visit us soon!

April 2018

Bialmet represents Moho at Expomin (Chile)

From April 23rd to 27rd 2018 MoHo will be representd by Bialmet at the Expomin in Santiago (Chile, ). Come and see us at the boot number 3-F72, hall 3!