A new approach to geoelectrical surveying

Electra is the MoHo’s digital system for geoelectrical surveys. A number of unique features make it a very special georesistivimeter. Acquisition times are considerably reduced due to the simultaneous acquisition on all channels and the use of alternate current. Weight, size and consumption are orders of magnitude lower than traditional systems. Data quality is improved due to signal digitization directly at the receivers and to data averaging techniques.


What is it?

ELECTRA is a multichannel digital resistivimeter, composed of a central unit and a very light cable along which small moduli are connected to the electrodes. Each module has the double function of injecting current in the subsoil and of receiving the signal, which is transmitted to the central unit in a digital form.
The digital transmission prevents any cross-talk and signal degradation and warrants high quality measurements even by injecting very small currents.

ELECTRA can input any current in the subsoil: measurements in alternate current are faster and more precise, since no time is needed for the signal stabilization and induced polarization of the electrodes is minimized.

What is it meant for?

Search for water, cavities, ores, environmental problems, archaeological research, foundation and wall integrity studies are only a few of the fields where the geoelectrical prospection at small and large scale can be of big help.

ELECTRA permits the investigation of the subsoil and anthropic artifacts with efficiency and ease of use.

With ELECTRA, the classical Wenner, Schlumberger, dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, spontaneous potentials, induced polarization, methods (and more) can be performed in a fully automatic way.


ELECTRA exists also in the MATRIX version (central units + small cables to the electrodes) for small scale and high resolution applications.