Designed in 2002, TROMINO® is the first all-in-one system for the dynamic characterization of subsoils (HVSR, MASW and more) and structures and for vibration monitoring. TROMINO® is continuously developed to include the latest electronic improvements, while pursuing MoHo’s philosophy of creating only ultraportable and user-friendly instruments, to make the geophysical prospection a sheer entertainment.

The last version, named TROMINO® BLU, includes the Bluetooth® transmission system and permits to manage TROMINO® from mobile devices, also through vocal commands. This turns to be very uselful whenever the instrument is set on poorly accessible sites, as it often occurs on structures.

Tromino Blu scontornata MoHo


TROMINO® is an ideal solution in Engineering Geology for seismic site effect assessment, seismic microzonation, Vs30 estimates, passive seismic stratigraphy, bedrock mapping.

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TROMINO® is an ideal solution in Civil Engineering for the operational modal analysis of structures, vibration monitoring and soil-structure interaction studies.

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