Bringing the past of multichannel seismographs to a new life

SOILSPY is the MoHo’s multichannel digital system for active and passive seismic surveys. A number of unique features make it a very special seismograph. The signal is amplified and digitized where it is produced and not at the end of long cables: this ensures better recording quality and, allied to a lightweight system, forms a novel approach appreciated by geophysicists. SOILSPY does not require external batteries and can record the signals with no time limits, which extends its applications well beyond seismic methods.


What is it?

SOILSPY is a multichannel digital seismograph. The seismic signal is amplified and digitized directly at the geophone output and sent to the laptop PC along a digital cable. This ensures higher signal quality (no cross-talk among cables, no noise coupled along the cables) and an unprecedented light weight.

SOILSPY is powered directly from the USB port of any portable or pocket PC and does not require any external battery.

A further exclusive feature is the unlimited recording duration, which makes the system particularly suited for passive seismic surveys and long term monitoring.

Seismic refraction, reflection, MASW, ReMiTM , SPAC, ESAC, FTAN, f-k, downhole, crosshole and much more made easy!

What is it meant for?

P- and S- wave methods

Seismic refraction and reflection methods, including tomographic approaches.

Surface-wave methods

Passive (ReMiTM, SPAC, ESAC, SSAP) and active methods (SASW, MASW, SPAC, FTAN) based on the dispersion of surface waves.

Borehole methods

Downhole and cross-hole methods (borehole geophone not provided)



GRILLA is the software provided with SOILSPY.

GRILLA includes surface-wave dispersion curves modelling tools and tools to model H/V and dispersion curves jointly.