More than 30 years of experience

MoHo brings to you today the instruments of tomorrow.
More than 30 years’ experience of developers in the medical field have been translated to the Geophysical and Civil Engineering sectors to create MoHo s.r.l.

MoHo s.r.l.

MoHo s.r.l. designs and produces TROMINO®. TROMINO®, designed in 2002 and internationally patented, made the single station passive seismic technique popular in Italy and beyond. The original TROMINO® project evolved over the years to permit passive modal analyses of structures, vibration monitoring, surface wave seismic survey and much more.

SOILSPY is the second instrument in the geophysical series (2007) and marks a quantum leap in multichannel seismic surveys, making the acquisition and preprocessing a fast and easy task. Similarly ELECTRA (2008), has made geoelectrical surveying more efficient and accurate. SURICAT is a newly designed instrument (2016) for permanent seismic and vibration monitoring of structures, for use in civil engineering and civil protection.

In 2022, MoHo started developing software for the analysis of disturbing vibrations for people and structrues (Vibrì), for spatial imaging of seismic reflectors using seismic microtremor measurements (HeeVee), for calculating response spectra from different types of inputs (SWING).

MoHo s.r.l. conceives, designs and manufactures both the hardware and the software of its instruments in full autonomy. Research, development, production, calibration and testing are all made in house at the Moho headquarters in Venice (Italy).

Sede di Moho srl - Moho progetta e produce Tromino, Soilspy, Electra, Suricat