Tromino for Geology

Supporting geologists, geophysicists and geotechnical engineers in their daily activities…

TROMINO® was specifically conceived and designed for the dynamic characterization of subsoils with the highest accuracy and the lowest effort. Very small in size and low in power consumption, it also operates in array configuration through an exclusive radio communication system. The electronics and mechanics behind TROMINO® are continuing to evolve, following the latest technological advancements. The newest versions, with augmented dynamics and sensitivity, permit outstanding signal-to-noise ratios even at the low frequencies of seismological interest.

Tromino il primo sismometro tutto-in-uno per la caratterizzazione dinamica dei terreni e delle strutture

What is it?

TROMINO® is a small (1 dm3, < 1 kg) all-in-one instrument, equipped with:

  • 3 velocimetric channels (adjustable dynamic range)
  • 3 accelerometric channels
  • 1 analog channel
  • GPS receiver
  • built-in radio transmitter/receiver (for synchronization among different units)
  • radio triggering system (for MASW surveys and similar)

TROMINO® works in the [0.1, 1024] Hz range and is powered by 2 AA (1.5 V) batteries only!

What is it meant for?

Seismic Microzonation

Mapping the subsoil resonance frequencies (H/V technique)

Vs profiles from constrained H/V curve modelling

Modelling the H/V curves to obtain shear wave velocity profiles (Vs) in the presence of independent constraints.

Vs/Vp profiles from MASW or seismic refraction with a single receiver + radio trigger

Performing MASW or seismic refraction surveys with just one TROMINO® and no connecting cables!

Passive seismic stratigraphy. Bedrock mapping

Creating passive seismic imaging of the subsoil.

Seismic arrays

Performing active/passive multichannel surveys (SASW, MASW, refraction seismics, ReMiTM, ESAC, SPAC, FTAN, SSAP, etc.) by exploiting the built-in radio/GPS synchronization modules.



GRILLA is the software to archive, organize, view and analyze the recordings of  TROMINO®.
GRILLA is interactive, user-friendly and produces automatic reports.

TROMINO® is internationally patented.
International patents: Pub. No. WO2006011021 (A1), Pri. No. IT2004BO00449 20040719, USPTO 7.800.981